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Michelin Star 2020 99 KO Sushi Bar
99 KŌ SUSHI BAR is the result of a deep exploration and a constant work in search of excellence. A unique limited space where diners will taste exclusive products brought from different parts of the world where we will explore this new and surprising concept of Japanese haute cuisine.
99 KO Sushi Bar
99 KO Sushi Bar
99 KO Sushi Bar
99 KO Sushi Bar
99 KO Sushi Bar
99 KŌ offers two tasting menus based on hot cuisine and traditional sushi respecting the flavors with Japanese techniques. Our menus are composed of the best selection of fish and seasonal ingredients of local and international origin, based on the seasonal product.


It consists of 15 dishes

Edomae Sushi

€ 110


It consists of 20 dishes

Edomae Sushi

€ 165
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate vegan or vegetarian menus.
  • If you do not eat seafood, we suggest that you ponder on your reservation.
  • Please indicate allergies or food intolerances when making your reservation, or at least, with a minimum of 24 hours to adapt to your needs with the greatest professionalism.
99 KŌ has been designed to offer an exclusive service to only 16 people. For this reason, in order to avoid no-shows and to deprive other guests of such opportunity, it is necessary to formalize the reservation by credit / debit card. The 99 KŌ experience can last approximately two and a half hours on the Kaiseki menu, so we ask our customers the highest punctuality to ensure maximum enjoyment.
Dress code: casual.

We have a private dining room for up to 7 people personally attended by the chef and subject to availability. It requires a mandatory minimum consumption of € 1,000. It is essential to make the reservation on +34 914 313 878.
Condiciones de Reserva

  • Para poder realizar una reserva, es obligatorio aceptar estas condiciones y la política de cancelación.
  • En el momento de realizar la reserva, y con el fin de poder garantizarla, se solicitarán los datos de una tarjeta de crédito.
  • Rogamos nos indique alergias o intolerancias alimenticias.
  • Su mesa NO estará confirmada hasta que reciba el e-mail que así lo indique.
  • Solo se atienden reservas a través de nuestra web.
Booking´s cancellation policy

  • Cancellations at least 48 hours in advance will have no cost.
  • Cancellations within 48 hours of the date and time of the reservation or no-show, will be charged € 50 per guest.
  • Please do not reserve a number of sales higher than desired, in our kitchen we prepare for all confirmed reservations, so we consider as not the people missing according to the reservation and the charge applies for not showing up to it.
  • We will welcome children over 12 years old. We will not attend reservations with a baby carriage.
  • Cancellations by phone will not be answered.
For any questions, please contact us to our email:
99 KŌ Gift Cards
Give an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


From tuesday to saturday
Lunch opening from 13:30
Dinner opening from 21:00
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